Function Hall for Rent 781-631-5214

Beautiful Venue

Transforms for almost any occasion. Easily configurable. (Rental agreement includes floor plan.) 

Approximately 60' x 40' Function Hall. Seating capacity is 212

Private bar, coat room/dressing area

Full kitchen and galley available

Handicap accessible

Plenty of parking



Fundraisers, meetings, weddings, showers, parties of all types, bands, funerals,celebrations of life, bags tournaments, trunk sales - from the most serene and elegant to an activity room for games and dancing - it all can happen here. 

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Such a Deal - Affordable and All-Purpose

Reasonable prices for a lovely space! Call or come by for more information.

Sample rental agreement is available on the Documents Page.

Contact us at 781-631-5214 for additional information or a price quote.