Our current Treasurer shall be leaving the position effective December 31, 2020. We are seeking a replacement. Below is a summary of the Office and information on where to find the summary list of duties. We invite qualified and interested members to consider applying for this position. 

Formal Responsibilities: The Treasurer shall have the care and custody of the funds of the Corporation and shall have and exercise, under the supervision of the Board of Directors (BOD), all the powers and duties commonly incident to the Treasurer’s office. The Treasurer shall have custody of all the valuable papers and documents of the Corporation. The Treasurer shall account for all funds of the Corporation as the BOD shall designate. The Treasurer shall keep accurate books of account which shall always be subject to the inspection of the BOD. The Treasurer shall receive compensation for said duties as determined by the membership.

Interested? More details are available on the website at: www.gerry5.com/library in the document Treasurer Job Description. or click on the picture ro the right.

Questions? Contact Dennis Nelson @ 617-930-4770 or denco4den@gmail.com.

Seriously Interested? Please contact President Chris Husband @ 781-484-6796 or chris.husband82@gmail.com

gold bag with dollar sign surrounded by stacks of money

Gerry 5 VFA Gear & Gifts

Gerry 5 VFA, Inc. Gear – Apparel Inventory & Prices As of March 2020


Items may be purchased by filling out an order form at the Club, contacting the Manager or emailing the Club at gerry5vfa@yahoo.com or ziggyii@comcast.net.
Down payment of 50% of the item cost is due when order placed. Full Payment due upon receipt!



ITEM & PRICE COLORS & SIZES (# available)


Long Sleeve Henley $30.00
 2 XL   and larger $33.00       Red 2X- Large   (1)


Hoodies (zip up). $35.00
 2 XL and   larger $38.00       Maroon  2XL (1), X-Large (3), Large (1) 

                                                   Black Large (1), X-Large (1),  

                                                   Navy   Large   (1), XL (2), 2XL (1) 

                                                   Light Pink  X-Large (2)   

                                                   Bright Pink L (1)


Sweatshirts  $25.00              Black (red logo) X-Large (7)

                                                   Gray Medium (1)


Women's t-shirts $15.00      Bright pink X-Large   (4), Large (4)

                                                    Light pink Large   (1)


Unisex t-shirts   $15.00
 2 XL and   larger $18.00        Black 4X-Large   (9), 3X-Large (2),   XL (3), Large   (6), Medium (3)

                                                    Maroon  X-Large (2)

                                                    Red  XL (1), Large (2), Medium (1), 

                                                    Denim Blue   Large   (2)

                                                    Royal Blue  XL (1) Large (1), Medium (2) 


Men’s Tank Top   $20.00
 2 XL and   larger $23.00        Gray 3XL   (1)


Women’s Tank Tops $20.00
 2 XL and   larger $23.00        Steel Blue 2XL (2),   XL (1), Large (1),   Medium (1) 


Unisex long sleeve t-shirts   $20.00 

                                                     Heather gray large (3)

                                                     Navy   Large   (2)

                                                     Black X-Large(1), Small (1)

                                                     Red X-Large (1)

                                                     Royal Blue X-Large   1), Large (1)


Women's long sleeve t-shirts  $20.00 

                                                     Gray X-Large,(1)


Knit Watch Caps   $15.00       Navy  One   size fits all (3)
                                                     Black  One size fits all   (4)


3 Season Jacket   $65.00         Navy   Large   (1), 


Men’s Wind/Golf Shirt $40.00 Black Large (1)

                                                        Navy Large (1)


Unisex polo shirts (poly)   $35.00
 2XL and   larger $38.00              Red   3XL (2), 

                                                         Green    Large (1)

                                                         Blue    Large (1)

                                                         Navy Blue   3XL (2), 2XL (2), XL (1), Large   (1) 

                                                         Black XL   (1), Large (1)


Unisex polo shirt w/pocket $25.00
(cotton)                                           Red XLarge (1), Large (1)


Women’s cut polo shirts $28.00
 2 XL and   large $31.00                Blue 2XL   (2), XL (1), L (1)


Unisex Vests $60.00                     Black XL   (1), L (1)
                                                         Navy XL (1), L (1)


2016 Fishing Tourney t-shirts (cream) $10 

                                                          Medium (3), 4XL (1)


2017 Fishing Tourney t-shirts (red) $15

                                                         XL (14), M (5), S (6)


Hestia Gerry 5 Christmas Ornaments  $20     (18)


Gift Cards

Send a gift card to friends and family or buy it now for your future use.  See the bartender or manager!